Source: (04.01.2020) + IPCC (2007)

Flying is not environmentally friendly and climate-damaging, especially when you fly as much as we do. To reduce our impact we compensate the emissions (CO2, ozone, nitrius gases, water pavour, soot, sulphates, other particles) of our flights. Aviation is our passion, yet, we don't want to hide away from the negative sides it has.

Compensating for flights is clearly no ideal solution. However, it can help to reduce the impact until climate-neutral flying is possible.

We decided to use the platform "atmosfair" as they also include the aircraft type, the booking class and not only CO2 but also other gases and particles in the calculation of the emissions. The money is invested in sustainable projects which conform to the UN CMD Gold Standards (atmosfair 2020).

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Compensations 2020


In 2020 we compensated 42 flights and a total of 26.4 tons of emissions. These emissions does not only include CO2 but also nitrius gages, ozone, soot, sulphates, water pavour and other particles caused by our flights.


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