Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who are you and where are you from?


We are Lukas and Nikolas from Munich, Germany. More information.


Why do you fly so much?


First of all this channel is run by two guys, so what you see are the flight travels of two people. We do mostly not travel for business but for leisure. But most importantly we simply love flying and travelling. We therefore grab every chance to be in the air and discover new places.


What is your favourite aircraft and airline? 


We actually don't have a specific favourite aircraft. We like both, Airbus and Boeing. But there are a few planes that always catch our immediate attention: Airbus A340-600, Airbus A350, Boeing 747, Boeing 787, A220 series. We also don't have a favourite airline. What counts most for us is the value for money. This means that we especially like airlines that have an appropriate pricing for their service. Low-cost airlines as well as premium carriers.


How can you afford your travels?


As you may have noticed our videos are monetized, which means you see ads before or during the video. The revenue of these ads allow us to cover the costs of the flights, equipment, hotel stays etc.. In additon to that we sometimes earn some money through product placements. Nevertheless, two person can not make living from all that, that's why we also have a "regular" job, both in the consulting business.  That's how we afford our travels. 


What equipment are you using?


For the production of our content we use the following equipment.

  • Cameras:
    • Canon G7X Mark 2
    • GoPro Hero 7
    • GoPro Hero 10
  • Tripods:
    • JOBY Gorrillapod
    • GoPro Volta
  • Additional equipment: 
    • EXSHOW Camera Suction Cup
    • GoPro Media Mod
    • GoPro Light Mod
  • Programs:
    • Magix Travel Maps
    • Adobe Premier Pro
    • Adobe Lightroom
    • Adobe Photoshop
  • Computers:
    • Macbook Pro M1


Why do you upload videos which were filmed months ago sometimes?


We try to mix the Trip Reports as much as possible so our content is diversified. We like to avoid publishing five Trip Reports of the same airline, same airctaft or same airports in a row, even though this would be the chronological order.


How do you always find cheap flights?


To find cheap tickets you have to do a a lot of research and follow accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram which post flight deals. Subscribing to newsletters of websites and blogs which post about travel deals is also very useful. Furthermore, it is very handy not to search for flights only from your home airport or country. E.g. if you're living in Berlin, it can be way cheaper to book flights from Paris and not from Berlin, incl. the additional costs to get to Paris first. Good search is the key. However, also be as flexible as possible. Travel off-season and not during school and public holidays.


Do you get free flights by airlines?


We pay for almost all of our trips by ourselves. Sometimes though, airlines provide us tickets for flights for free in order to enable us to make a Trip Report. However, we only accept these offers, if we are allowed to share our opinion freely. So we are not biased in any way in our reports. But this only happens very infrequently. 99 % of the flights in our videos were paid by us and the airline did not know we were on board. When a flight is sponsored, it is mandatory by national law to mark the video with the word "ad". Furthermore there's a video disclaimer at the video description of every video, where you can also see if a video is sponsored by an airline. 


When was the video recorded?


The date of the flight is always stated during the route map at the intro in our videos. Furthermore, you can find it in the video description at the flight information section. 


How much did you pay for ticket of that flight?


The ticket price is always stated at the flight rating chapter in our Trip Reports (after the landing). Furthermore, it is available at the flight information section in the video description.


Can I use parts of your videos for my project on my YouTube/Instagram/Facebook/Tiktok/Website?


Yes, but you need a permission for that. Please have a look at our content usage guideline and follow the steps which are stated there. Uploading our contents or parts of our content without our official permission according to our content usage guideline is a copyright infringement and might be prosecuted. 



For any further questions please contact us.