Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who are you and where are you from?


We are Lukas and Nik from Germany. More information.


Why do we fly so much?


This channel is run by two guys, so what you see are the flight travels of two people. We do not travel for business but mostly for leisure e.g. vacations. Sometimes we fly, because we found cheap tickets. And most importantly we simply love flying and travelling. We therefore grab every chance to be in the air.


What is your favourite aircraft and airline? 


We actually don't have a specific favourite aircraft. We like both, Airbus and Boeing. But there are a few planes that always catch our immediate attention: Airbus A340-600, Airbus A350-900/1000, Airbus A321 with Sharklets, Boeing 747-8/400, Boeing 787-8/9.

We also don`t have a favourite airline. What counts most for us is the value for money. This means that we especially like airlines that have an appropriate pricing for their service. Low-cost airlines as well as premium carriers.


How can you afford your travels?


Many trips we've made in the past were with our families, so we didn't pay for the flights ourselves. Furthermore flying isn't as expensive as you might think.  You can fly from Germany to Thailand for around 400€ roundtrip most of the time. Within Europe you can even buy tickets which cost less than 10€. Meanwhile we are also very lucky to earn a little bit of money with our videos which is only invested in this channel. 


Why do you upload videos which were filmed months ago sometimes?


We try to mix the Trip Reports as much as possible so that our content is diversified and no five reviews of the same airline or route are going online consecutively , although this would be the chronological order. 


How do you always find cheap flights?


To find cheap tickets you have to research a lot. We browse through different websites which compare the ticket prices for hours. It's that easy but it costs a lot of time.


What equipment are you using?


A detailed list of our equipment can be found here.